Introducing B2B LeadScoring automation from Fastbase

Fastbase customers rely on us to help them understand their customer preferences and create better experiences for them. With more business moving online and companies under increased pressure to get adequate ROI, insights from the behavior of web-site visitors, digital analytics and automated marketing tools are crucial.

More than one-third of B2B technology buyers say digital engagement channels have become more important in their buying journeys. The global pandemic has caused B2B buyers and marketers to leapfrog technologies and solutions as business buyers shift their sight to digital channels. Forrester says that more than 60% of B2B sellers will be enabled by AI and automation.

To help you get better ROI from your marketing for the long term, we’re creating a new, more intelligent Fastbase that builds on the foundation of WebLeads, the lead identification online tool which we significantly upgraded last year. We’re adding algorithms to automatically surface helpful insights about leads activity and give you a complete understanding of your prospects and customers across devices and platforms. It’s privacy-centric by design, so you can rely on Fastbase to be driven by user consent and provide personalized communications all along the customer journey.

B2B Lead generation on Autopilot

The new Fastbase LeadScoring application can alert you to significant trends in your leads activity – like seeing all the leads that are ‘purchase-ready’ or the rising interest of companies in certain geographies because of new customer needs.

It helps you identify the company visiting and set up an automated dialogue with an individual contact, scoring their interactions and informing you when all the signs indicate that a purchase decision is very near. For example, you do not need to make a personal sales call to a prospect who is in the research stage of the customer journey, you can wait until a sufficient number of points have accumulated based-on their interactions. This allows you to save valuable sales time and improve marketing/sales efficiency.

With integrations to industry tools like Mailchimp, it’s easy to make efficiencies and to improve the ROI of your marketing. Newsletters are now an integral part of the customer dialogue, so we track not only what they have clicked on in the newsletter but also all page views on the website even when they re-visit the website at later date (independent of the newsletter).

According to Forrester four in ten B2B technology buyers indicate that human/analog engagement with sellers has become less important. So, with new Fastbase, the crucial contact with potential customers can be used prudently near the end of the customer journey and most of the steps up to that point can be automated.

A more targeted and relevant user experience

The new approach makes it possible to achieve greater Customer Lifetime Value by gaining and retaining customers with personal communications based on behavior. New Fastbase LeadScoring can see what type of interaction has taken place and send a tailored email with contents relevant to the customer focus. For example, if are a property leasing business and a company has looked at your warehouse units page, you can trigger an email with information about vacant units in the locality.

The new Fastbase gives you customer-centric lead management. One of the major challenges in marketing today is that it can be difficult to maintain relationships and create new relationships, most often because communication is not focused on the needs of the individual. This is where marketing automation can help you build bridges and connect the void that often occurs between the message and the recipient.

Fastbase LeadScoring focuses the user experience according to their digital customer journey – the steps that customers go through, from the moment they discover a need, and until the customer ceases to be your customer. The online marketing strategy is built to take advantage of the stage in the buyers’ journey: awareness, consideration and decision stages. It is about communicating specifically so that the message matches the customer’s current steps in the customer journey and their stage in the buying journey.

Businesses taking part in the beta are already seeing benefits. Fastbase CEO, Kevin Rodgers says “the automation benefits that the new Fastbase LeadScoring brings enables us to offer optimization around the actions that matter most to our customers, regardless of how they interact with our brand.”

Built for the long term

Now is the time to invest in digital lead management basics and supplement that foundation with intelligent automation and lead scoring tools, so you can be ready for what comes next. This will also help you respond to rising business expectations, regulatory developments, and changing technology standards for user privacy. More personalization to suit your customers and prospects along with automized tailored responses will increase the lead conversion rate as well as making efficiencies in the sales and marketing workflows. We will continue to add tools that will help B2B businesses adapt to a future with or without cookies or identifiers. This means that you can rely on Fastbase to help you manage your leads and sales pipeline meeting customer needs now as you navigate the recovery and as you face uncertainty in the future.

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