Fastbase LeadScoring for Mailchimp

Fastbase‘s new lead generation tool LeadScoring for Mailchimp is now fully integrated with the international marketing automation platform and email marketing service Mailchimp – currently used by over 1.2 million companies worldwide. Mailchimp users can run targeted campaigns triggered by Fastbase LeadScoring, contacting the most relevant leads with the right message with perfect timing.

LeadScoring tracking technology enables businesses to engage with prospects and customers faster than ever before, right at the point when they are most engaged. LeadScoring provides all the intel required to start valuable, relevant and meaningful conversations with website visitors, in real-time. The killer added value that comes with LeadScoring for Mailchimp is scoring the visits of each individual according to the pages viewed. Then you use Mailchimp to send personalized emails according to the prospect’s interest and wait for the score to reach ‘sales qualified’ or ‘ready to buy’. That is when the sales team is notified and can act with speed to close the business.

LeadScoring for Mailchimp is available as a competitive monthly subscription well within the budget of the most prudent SME and scales up to Enterprise level catering for 20 thousand leads a month.

You can run lead nurturing and automated Mailchimp campaigns every step along the customer digital journey and fill your sales pipeline with warm leads. LeadScoring advanced software algorithms score leads visits, providing focus on the best leads rather than wasted time on cold leads. – Brian Kristiansen

Brian Kristensen who was the CEO of LeadScoreApp (recently acquired by Fastbase) is the architect of LeadScoring using the technology from the company he founded. He said:

LeadScoring for Mailchimp is designed to jump start lead generation by automating the digital customer journey using Mailchimp until the lead is sales qualified and the sales team can make personal contact to close the sale.

Fastbase LeadScoring uses the latest data science technology to provide leads in real-time to B2B marketing agencies, SME-large businesses, and boutique mar-tech companies.

The backbone is provided by Fastbase‘s massive database of company data which can be matched to VPNs. Fastbase‘s new release builds on its established excellent visitor tracking software and adds scoring, automation and Mailchimp integration – a package delivering ‘ready to buy’ leads.

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