WebLeads 6.0 for Google Analytics just launched

As we move into 2021, when more and more companies are expected to focus on the digital customer journey, digital lead generation appears to be the call of the hour.
Securing constant access to new leads, augmented contacts, and relevant communications have become the most important areas for growth and success in all B2B industries.


Fastbase SaaS solutions built upon Google Analytics offer B2B companies powerful tools to identify website visitors, insights, and intelligence about their online behaviors, interaction, and interests, disrupting a global US$ 170 billion web analytics, online marketing, and lead generation market.

Fastbase conveniently consolidates proprietary company databases with the web traffic from actually just about 1.2 million websites from leading companies and brands globally. Fastbase then reveals every website visitor to these websites. Monitoring and compiling this web traffic, Fastbase is analyzing a constantly growing number of 10 billion website visitors each month, depicting their search keywords/ phrases and their specific website visits.

Fastbase is transforming statistical web analytics into specific knowledge and identification of web traffic. The company is building predictive analytics and machine learning platforms, which allows marketers to set both explicit and implicit data criteria, automate lead identification, and accelerate the sales and marketing process through ranking data on demand.  With its strong market penetration, Fastbase is rapidly gaining customers’ trust.


Know about WebLeads for Google Analytics

WebLeads 6.0 for Google Analytics is the advanced version of WebLeads. Let’s have a sneak-peak at WebLeads for Google Analytics with the following Google Platform features.


Web Visitor Tracking

Two important network domains and service providers from Google Analytics were removed in February. These dimensions helped to filter out spam, bot traffic, and unwanted internal or external IP addresses from analytics reports. This in a way eased the identification of website visitors. Fastbase Inc.’s WebLeads 5.0 came as a solution to this alteration.

Fastbase Inc.’s impactful software for the data-driven marketing industry helps to identify website visitors and get interaction details. Particularly speaking about WebLeads, it aids tracking tools allowing you to explore which companies and organizations are showing interest in your business and significant reasons for the same.

This software, in short, empowers organizations with insights to improve marketing campaigns and understand website visitor behaviors.


Qualified Leads

WebLeads filters your website traffic into business leads and unidentifiable visitors (typically through ISPs) so you can take quicker action with your leads and give organizations the ability to engage with potential customers, create new market segments, and ultimately increase sales.

The companies get to view by options such as location and business category.


Leads in Real-Time

Speed is crucial in reaching new leads. Recognizing your WebLeads in near real-time and reaching out to them as quickly as possible from the time they visit your website, creates the whole difference. These leads can be transformed into real company names and the people behind them. This turns out to be the most credible way to get leads with brilliant insights and business contacts.

Fastbase users can integrate their reports with the CRM system which is available in the premium plan, or other applications that include Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc. Fastbase also supports exporting to Excel and Google sheets. Customers using Google Analytics are facilitated to access a detailed list of their website visits of the past 2 years.


Verified Business Contacts

Fastbase, Inc. constantly strives to empower organizations with “data intelligence”, enabling them to enhance communications with its customers.

WebLeads provides detailed information about your web visitors including company name, website, key employees, phone number, contact email, and visitor interaction – everything you need to boost your sales and marketing. With more features and technology assimilated in WebLeads, Google Analytics is much more progressive.  Easy export of your leads into Excel or your CRM platform, like WebLeads is a definite win-win.


WebLeads Subscription Levels

WebLeads is available as Lite, Premium, and Premium+. Upon registration, you will be able to try Premium/Premium+ for 30 days as a free trial and then continue with a Premium subscription (see pricing) or defer to Lite which is free but with limited features.


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